About Me

Learn about me and what my goals are.

About me

 This is a little about Harrison Futrell. I am currently pursuing a Digital Media Production education at Drake University. I have experience with media production all the way from storyboarding to editing, as well as finding and reporting stories. While I think I was best on-screen I was equally as good manning the cameras, stage directing, and writing. I’m also minor in history because when I get stuck creatively I look at history for inspiration. If you struggling to create something, a good way to get unstuck is to look back at history and put your own spin on it.

Dreams and Aspirations

It has been my dream to work in TV. This dream started after I joined my high school theater department. Later I received an Associates of Arts degree from NIACC Community College and became a Digital media production student and Drake University. Though a pandemic has made it harder to gain experience I still try to learn about the Entertainment Industry in any way I can.

Strengths and Skills

I have always enjoyed creating content and entertaining people. I have a degree in Digital Media Production from Drake University and I have earned an Associative of art degree from North Iowa Area Community College. My greatest strength is my ability to learn and adapt quickly to various situations. When it comes to working with new programs or equipment, I can pick up the basics of them very quickly. I can also adapt to fill a variety of roles in a group. I am an Eagle scout which gives me a lot of experience organizing projects and leading groups of people. I was the oldest person in my troop so my project required a lot of keeping the younger scouts on track and focused.  But if the group doesn’t need a leader I can fill almost any role the group needs to be effective, such as doing technical work or giving the doctor a bit of help keeping everyone on track. 

My greatest strength is my ability to learn and adapt quickly to various situations. When COVID-19 hit I was able to quickly learn how to do classwork online, in a new school with teachers I had never met before. In my journalism class at Drake University, I learned how to hunt for stories while remaining impartial and free of judgment. I covered stories from Halloween parties to Holocaust education in schools. Over the last year learning Audacity, Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. Both of those programs took me one class period to figure out.

My goal every day is to keep a positive attitude about everything often using humor. I am a talented presenter and have had a great deal of experience presenting to small groups of people. I have positive working relationships with my coworkers and am very good at helping coworkers if needed. I’m an Eagle Scout, which gave me experience scheduling projects and making sure they get done, and leading small groups. I can learn apps, software, and other equipment easily.