Time of Transition

Hers is the full mini-documentary Time of Transition. I framed and shot the Interview segments, as well as helped, get the B role footage. This was my final for my documentary film making class, and I personally think it turned out great.

The Mandolorian

For my J-term, I took a motion graphic and editing, for our final, we were given real interview footage of the Mandolorian. I isolated myself for almost 14 hours and created this masterpiece. All the animations, credit, intro, and editing were done by me.

Documentary Trailer

This is the trailer for my documentary filmmaking final. We were required to make a 7-minute documentary about any topic, and my group chose my college’s girls basketball team. My groupmate focused on editing the actual documentary while I focus exclusively on the trailer. I think this trailer turned out well and shows massive improvement Documentary Trailer

Gray’s Lake Scenery

Here is a short little environmental documentary I made for a class. It shows off Greys Lake at various times of day. I think I did give this was one or earlys experinces with adobe premire. Fun fact that last shoot was completely buy accident. I just happend to turn the camera around right as Gray’s Lake Scenery

Villain Audio

To keep my Audio skills up to date I decided to try and recreate the audio for some of my favorite villains. Smaug from The Hobbit and Dracula from Castlevania. This also served as an opportunity to dust of my voice acting skills. despite a few times where I was trying to be quiet I Villain Audio

A second little Short Story

It’s a sequel same as the first but better. “The Jungle, so large and mysterious,” thought Lewa as he swung from vine to vine with such ease and grace it was like a dance. A pack of monkeys and lemurs followed behind him as Lewa took one of his swords and threw it higher into A second little Short Story

A little short story

It just a little story about this photo I took. His heavy metal feet slammed against the hot sands as Pohatu made his way through the canyon pass and into the open nothingness of the desert. The dark clouds offered a brief cool as when as foretold great danger. For days he had been tracking A little short story