A little short story

It just a little story about this photo I took.

His heavy metal feet slammed against the hot sands as Pohatu made his way through the canyon pass and into the open nothingness of the desert. The dark clouds offered a brief cool as when as foretold great danger. For days he had been tracking a rogue warrior who had been terrorizing his village. Though his powers of super speed had helped him find the trail. He was still days behind his adversaries and was goring weary from running for days on end. 

Pohatu justified his course and headed for a mountain on the horizon.  Though the mountain was a steep climb it was no challenge for him. The wind pounding against his face as he climbed higher and higher until he was almost perpendicular to the ground. Suddenly a thought occurred to Pohatu he was going way too fast to stop and the ledge he wanted and he couldn’t slow down as he was running up a wall at a 90-degree angle. But this thought would prove to be unimportant as Pohatu shot past the ledge and into the air. On his way back towards the ground, Pohatu managed to get his feet pointing the right way, bent his knees, and landed safely on the ledge he had intended to. “Ow” muttered Pohatu under his breath as he forced himself to stand up despite the sore knees his landing had left him with. 

Look up at the sky He saw piler of smoke on the other side of the mountain.  But he had no intention of going around the mountain. Instead, he closed his eyes, drew his arm back, and struck the wall. Leaving a small imprint of his fist. “right, focus” muttered Pohatu as he calmed himself and struck the wall again, this time causing the part of the moutan to break apart and split in two creating a pass admiring his growing ability to control sand and rocks, both of which were plentiful in the desert.

Pohatu strolled through the newly created pass dragging his hand along the wall until he reached the other side. “Well, I might be on my way to fight a pyromaniac with an army under his command, but at least I have a nice view,” Pohatu said as he surveyed the land.  After a deep breath, Pohatu dug his feet into the ground and pushed off, creating a blast of sand and rock behind him as he rocketed towards the pillars of smoke on the horizon. 



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