A second little Short Story

It’s a sequel same as the first but better.

“The Jungle, so large and mysterious,” thought Lewa as he swung from vine to vine with such ease and grace it was like a dance. A pack of monkeys and lemurs followed behind him as Lewa took one of his swords and threw it higher into the trees ahead, hitting a fruit tree causing a rain of food for his animal friends, causing a song of excited howls and cry to erupt from all around. A smug grin crept across Lewa’s face as he glanced behind him. Grasping his sword out of a tree as he swung past, Lewa used his momentum to swing up breaking the tree line and facing the sun with open arms.

As he climbed higher and higher he arched his back and began face first for the tree line. But as he fell grabbed his swords in both hands and outstretched his arms. So a powerful current of wind surrounded Lewa caring him safely through the air, skimming the top so the trees like water. His ticks and spins were much like him, large, unnecessarily long, and impossible to overlook. Lewa eventually dived under the tree line and perching himself on a branch. High above the ground overlooking the jungle.

He felt a great swell of pride protecting this place with all its beauty. But in the back of his mind, he was deeply troubled. Recently he had encountered strange creatures on his journeys. Groups of Large armored spiders had appeared from out of nowhere, tearing down trees, kill animals, and disrupting the ecosystem. They were tough and almost as stubborn as him but they were driven back.

An angry Roar snapped Lewa out of his daydream. Lewa looked down and saw a large bear cornering a mother and her two small children. The mother swung a fallen branch wildly in an effort to keep the bear at bay but it did little to halt the bear advance. As the Bear stood on hind legs read to attack Lewa landed in front of the mother and children and sent a blast of wind slamming into the bear and knocking it back. Lewa motioned for the family to run as the Bear got up to attack Lewa. but He didn’t raise his sword, instead, Lewa used his small and nimble body to dance around the lumbering bear until He managed to restrain it. As the Bear struggled Their eyes met and Lewa was gradually able to calm the Bear. once released, the bear and Lewa walked the Bear back into the woods, vanishing into the thick brush.



If you want one.

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