Yet another Little short story

Deep beneath the waves, there is a place, a dark place where only the worst of beings are sent to. This place is called the Pit and it is a prison for the most dangerous creatures.  

Light doesn’t often reach down there but on occasion, it can, Suddenly a claw bursts out through the ground sending rocks in every direction. Through the hole looked a glowing red eye, the eye quickly darted around until it found it’s target. Off in the distance stood a massive humanoid figure, the guard assigned to keep him and the others from ever escaping this living hell. “Soon,” Dinak said in a calm, hate filled voice “soon”.

Something moved in the distance, just enough to catch the attention of Dinak, “Ah just what I needed,” Dinak said as his eye began to pulse and glow, he only hoped his hypnotic gaze could work at such a range. The creature stopped and turned towards Dinak, it’s tilted its head in curiosity as the creature’s emerald green eyes slowly transitioned to a red shade that matched Dinak’s.

 “You better not blow this Dinak.”

“Relax Krenar, my plan will work and all of us will be free again.”

Dinak’s gaze shot toward the guard and the creatures head mirrored it. The beast gave a snarl and took off towards the guard, as it’s massive jaw wide open. But with almost inhuman speed the mechanical guard rotated at the waist and grabbed the creature, holding its mouth open. 

“Unit Max-i10, assistance required,” the robot said as two massive missile launchers extended from his back and took their aim, but the creature knocked the launcher away before it could target him, causing missiles to fly in every direction. One of them hit the prison. Tremors erupted from the cell as the missiles hit. 

“See, I told you it would work,” Dinaks said proudly.

“Just hurry up, the others are getting impatient.”

 Max-i10 slammed the creature down on the seafloor. The monster quickly recovered looking more mad then hurt. The creature lunged at his mechanical opponent biting into his shoulder. Hydraulic fluid and oil leaked into the water. The creature then took Max-i10 in its jaw and hurled him toward the prison. “Everyone move,” Krenar yelled barely getting out of the way as Max-i10 came crashing through the door as he passed deeper into the prison a black liquid began to seep out of the cracks. The prisoner’s through the black mist, eyes hopeful with freedom but just as soon as it came it was replaced with ones of pain as the black mist they had swam through started to change them. Their screams drowned out by the water. They looked back at Max-i10 and through his flickering eyes, he told them…

“You might have escaped my cell, but now the sea is your prison,” as he finished his eyes faded, the former prisoners fell to the seafloor in pain as the black water took its effect.




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